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Margate, KZN

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Reviewed by: Wiid Luyt

“Ek sal maar my storie skryf.

Dindsdag net na 12 is die bed wat ek by julle gekoop het afgelewer. (Soos onderneem). Baie dankie vir flinke en proffesionele diens.

My man het later die middag die bed “uitgetoets” en Woensdagoggend het ek besef hier is ‘n probleem. Ek dink ek sal julle moet vra dat julle die bed moet kom terugneem. EK KRY NIE MY MAN UIT DIE BED NIE!!!

DRIE DAE LATER: Ek is bly ek het julle nie geskakel nie. Ek sal die bed beslis hou. Eggenoot slaap elke nag deur. Geen wakker word deur die nag a g.v. liggaamspyne nie . . . en hy word elke oggend uitgerus wakker. Dankie! Dankie! Dankie!”


“I will rather write my story.

On Tuesday just after 12 the bed I bought from you were delivered (as arranged). Thank you for the high-spirited and professional service.

My husband then “tested” the bed later the afternoon and Wednesday morning I knew I had a problem. I think I must ask you to fetch the bed. I DO NOT GET MY HUSBAND OUT OF BED!!!

THREE DAYS LATER: I am glad I did not phone you. I will definitely keep this bed. Husband sleeps through every night. No wakening up at night due to body aches… and he wakes up rested every morning. Thank

you! Thank you! Thank you!”


Review by: Snegugu Neria Cele
“Such quick and efficient friendly staff, talk about service excellence, didn’t even spend 5 minutes in the shop, and they delivered exactly what I wanted, I love my new bed.
Keep it up”
Rated: 5-Stars

Review by: Urzela Esmeralda Nothnagel
“They great…..i.ll cone and visit your shop in person. Have awesome week….”
Rated: 5-Stars

Review by: Elzette Vd Mescht Didloff
“Great value and friendly staff  ”:-)
Rated: 5-Stars



Review by: Paul Myers
This fabulous designer boutique bedding shoppe is a welcome place to purchase bedding and lounge furniture for those who 💏 to relax in comfort. Their products will support you for life as you so support them. Quality textile ☝upholstery and well sprung for every with memory foam or pocket springs, you’ll be in heaven on a cloud when making your decision to include a bed or ✌ from About Beds. 😪😴🌟 😴 Well. GREAT SUPPORT FOR EVERY BODY. BEDS YOU CAN RELY ON. 👍”
Rated: 5-Stars

Review by: Paul Irving
“A 5-star establishment with friendly, helpful staff.
Fantastic variety of top-class beds and the best pricing on the South Coast!”
Rated: 5-Stars

Review by: Martin Van Der Westhuizen
Nice place”
Rated: 5-Stars

Review by: Elzette Didloff
Rated: 5-Stars

We believe everyone deserves a luxury bed at an affordable price with nothing less than an exceptional buying experience.

One of our key philosophies is ensuring that when you deal with us, you will not be faced with confusing sales tactics — just true luxury products at an affordable price accompanied by outstanding customer service.

At Martins Furniture we like to think of ourselves not simply as retailers of premium beds and furniture but rather as suppliers of items that dreams are made of.

We are standing by to make your dreams come true!


Call or WhatsApp (081) 837-8296 | (039) 312-0421 | margate@martinsfurniture.co.za | Locate us.

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